Lagar d’Amprius Kolenda


Lagar d’Amprius Kolenda is a very special wine, part of ‘Los Vinos de Buñuel’ edition, created and designed to pay tribute to Calanda: the village where our most famous film maker -Luis Buñuel- was born. Kolenda is the name given to a Celtiberian village, house of noble people, well-known for their innovative and rich spirit.

This beautiful bottle refers to… Tambor y el Bombo Route: a deeply rooted tradition in Bajo Aragón. This wine is made by Gewürztraminer variety, certainly a very special wine, and keeps the typical features of this variety, but, at the same time, exhibits its Mediterranean character. A truly original wine that would make you will surprise and get right due to its design and flavour.

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9 kg.


6 bottles box 75 cl.

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11,33 €


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