Lagar d’Amprius Tempus Amans


Lagar d’Amprius Tempus Amans is a very special red wine that, together with its partner Lagar d’Amprius Aeternum (Chardonnay), forms ‘The Wines of Lovers of Teruel’. (‘Los vinos de los Amantes de Teruel’)

Conceived and designed, in collaboration with Lovers of Teruel Foundation (Fundación Amantes de Teruel), to promote Teruel through a gastronomic resource as versatile as wine. It was also created to pay tribute to Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla, Lovers of Teruel, protagonists of one of the most beautiful and tragic love stories of all time. Tempus Amans offers the best of Amprius Lagar’s Garnacha grape.

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6 bottles box 75 cl.

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