Lagar d’Amprius Nazarín

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Lagar d´Amprius Nazarín is a very special wine that, together with the Lagar d’Amprius Kolenda, makes the edition of ‘Los Vinos de Buñuel’. Conceived and designed to pay tribute to Luis Buñuel, the most universal filmmaker from Aragon, it is named after one of his famous films: ‘Nazarín’, starring Marga López and Francisco Rabal, in 1959, and inspired by the homonymous novel by Benito Pérez Galdos … (1895)

The bottle design shows screen prints on white vinyl on a black background scene from different films of Buñuel, such as ‘Nazarín’ himself, ‘An Andalusian dog’ or ‘Viridiana’.

The wine contains 100% Garnacha grape. An original wine with which will make you succeed and surprise, for its design and flavour.

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6 bottles box 75 cl.

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