Lagar d’Amprius Garnacha


Lagar d’Amprius Garnacha is made of 100% fine Garnacha. It is an intense, sweet and smooth wine. An example of the best garnacha in Aragon.

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Lagar d’Amprius Garnacha is 100% fine Garnacha. The five-year-old vines are specially cared for so that a fruit of excellent quality is obtained. Extreme production limitation of 1.5 kg / strain.

The harvest is always carried out at night, seeking to collect the grapes at the lowest possible temperature. After bottling, the wine rests in the bottle for 6 months before going on the market. It is a wine that shows a positive evolution in the bottle for at least 4 years.

Ruby red red wine of medium intensity, with slight variation to pink tones in the rim. The nose is dominated by aromas of red fruit, cherries and cherries with sloe kirsch, floral tones of violet and pink, and a subtle presence of lactic hints of strawberry yogurt. At the wedding, the entrance is direct and the pace is fast, warm and glyceric. Medium acidity and light and unctuous tannins with a medium body. Very warm finish with a long aftertaste.

Excellent as an accompaniment to fatty fish dishes such as salmon, tuna, mackerel or meaty whites such as monkfish or cod garnished with tomato, black olives, truffle or ham sauce. Also with white meats of suckling veal, veal stew, roasted free-range chicken, even creamy or oil cheeses. Recommended serving temperature 12-14ºC, preferably in a “burgundy” glass.

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