The surface of vineyards covers more than 41 hectares on a total of 125 hectares of the property. The vineyards are planted on different spots bounded by natural barriers of pines, oaks, arbutus and rosemary, lavander and rock-rose scrubs. This area is located at a height of 530 metres above Mediterranean sea level and laid out in trellises on fertile soils with a loamy clay structure. Implanted on low-productivity clones with a density of 3.700 vines per hectare with the clear purpose of obtaining 1.5 kg of grapes per vine maximum. Currently the implanted varieties are as follows:

  •  20 hectares of Fine Grenache
  •  9 hectares of Syrah
  • 8.5 hectares of Gewürztraminer
  •  4 hectares of Chardonnay

They are young vineyards that began to be planted on 22/04/2007 and to which have been added annually new plantings until the end of may 2013.

Image gallery

  • Lagar d'Amprius - Vineyard 7
  • Lagar d'Amprius - Viñedos 3
  • Lagar d'Amprius - Viñedos 4
  • Lagar d'Amprius - Viñedos 2
  • Lagar d'Amprius - Viñedos 6
  • Lagar d'Amprius - Viñedos 2
  • Lagar d'Amprius - Viñedos 1
  • Lagar d'Amprius - Viñedos 8