Lagar d’Amprius – Our Philosophy

Lagar d'Amprius - Filosofía Amprius Lagar persues to obtain very fresh and fruity fine wines that express the specific characteristics of the grapes from which they come, of the territory where vineyards are settled and of the climate sorrounding them.

When tasting the wine you will be able to enjoy the presence of Mataraña (Mataranya) terroirs, since we want the wine to take its natural path and be as close as possible to the land it comes from.


As important as all defined above is the designation of wines. It is what is most present in the market and in the taste of consumers.

We are located in a deeply rooted region with a significant weight in the history with populations as Valderrobres, Calaceite, Cretas, among others, surronded by old fortified towers and defence walls. Streets that rode James I the Conqueror (King of Aragón) in his comings and goings to Peñíscola where also lived Don Pedro Martínez de Luna, better known as Benedict XIII or by the appellative “Papa Luna”.

And it was James I the Conqueror himself who coined the figure of AMPRIUS, back in the year 1.137 (internet link: Originally, AMPRIUS was a public territory for communal use established to protect the most disadvantaged people from the most powerful in the region.

In areas of Teruel and Comunitat Valenciana, the expression AMPRAR means to borrow a good under condition of returning the same good or other equivalent. Apart from having a parcel with this name, this definition also goes perfectly with our philosophy and that is why we chose to give our wines their name LAGAR D´AMPRIUS. We ask our vineayards the best of them and we want to return the best of us.