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Lagar d’Amprius obtains 90 points Parker for its Garnacha 2014

Lagar d’Amprius has just received some very good news: the team of Robert Parker, one of the most influential wine critics in the world, has awarded Lagar d´Amprius Garnacha 2014 with 90 points. This distinction is very important for Amprius Lagar contributing international prestige and endorsing the quality that has been pursued for many years.

In Parker’s words: “The 2014 Lagar d’Amprius is pure Garnacha in the Bajo Aragón in the province of Teruel, at some five kilometers from Terra Alta. Harvested early and matured in stainless steel and bottled unoaked. It has notes of jammy strawberry and is very fruit-driven with some spiciness and herbal notes. It has a Rhône-ish accent, very different from the wines from the rest of Aragón. A great surprise and pleasant, different Garnacha.¨

The Parker system, based on the points that the influential American wine critic Robert Parker gives to make lists with the best wines. Starting from 50 points, and from there more points are added according to the color, the aroma, the pass through the mouth and the evolution of the wine up to a maximum of 100 points. Color and appearance score with 5 points, aroma and bouquet, with 15, mouth-to-mouth and post-taste, with 20. Finally, the overall quality level and potential for future evolution and improvement are accounted for with 10 points. The wines that follow this process reach 90 to 100 points are qualified with an outstanding in the list of wines Parker, as is the case of our Grenache. If the wines stay between 85-90 they are rated with remarkable high and between 80 and 84 with remarkably low.

For Lagar d’Amprius it is great news to receive such recognition and we hope it will not be the last.

IlzeLagar d’Amprius obtains 90 points Parker for its Garnacha 2014