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Kolenda and Nazarín, the Lagar d’Amprius wines that pay tribute to Luis Buñuel and Calanda

Wine and cinema are two concepts united since years ago. Aware of this, Lagar d’Amprius -the winery of the Térvalis Group-, has produced two new bottles with a design and two very special names: Kolenda and Nazarín, two wines to pay homage to Luis Buñuel , the most universal Spanish filmmaker. In addition, to support the great dissemination work carried out by the Calanda Buñuel’s Center of the filmmaker, the winery gives these wines for commercial use and 10% of the profit from their sale.

The presentation ceremony, which took place on 12th of March in Zaragoza, was attended by the manager of Amprius Lagar, Pedro Casas, the mayor of Calanda and president of the Board of the Foundation of the CBC, Jordi Xifras, president of the CBC, the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Mayte Pérez, winemaker Balbino Lacosta, José Luis Yzuel, President of the Hotel Federation of Spain and Aragon; Manuel Teruel, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza, José Miguel Martínez Urtasun, GastroAragón magazine’s director, as well as numerous representatives of the Aragonese cinema world, among other guests.

The Garnacha Lagar d’amprius have received in this special edition the cinematographic name of NAZARÍN, title that gives name to the famous film by Luis Buñuel starring Marga López and Francisco Rabal, made in 1959 and inspired by the homonymous novel by Benito Pérez Galdos (1895). It was the winner of the Cannes Film Festival in 1959. In the design of this bottle there are screenprints in white vinyl on a black background scenes from different movies by Buñuel, such as Nazarín himself, ‘Un perro andaluz’, ‘Viridiana’, ‘Simón of the Desert ‘,’ Essay of a crime ‘, and’ The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie ‘. The wine inside 100% Garnacha of the 2015 vintage, awarded in the recently celebrated MUNDUS VINI Contest in Germany with Gold Medal. This International Contest presents around 10,000 wines from around the world and only 30% have obtained recognition. This red wine is ruby ​​red and is made with fine Garnacha. “An authentic wine, kind and sophisticated, as Buñuel was”, tells the label of the bottle this Garnacha with which Lagar invite to enjoy, to feel and to be an accomplice of Buñuel’s films.

On the other hand, KOLENDA is the name that receives the first Celtiberian settlement that was inhabited in the vicinity of the current Calanda. In the design of this bottle a scene is observed making a nod to the Easter Week of Bajo Aragón and its traditional ‘Drum and Hype Route’. As its label tells, this white wine is “a tribute to such an illustrious Villa, to its noble people of deep-rooted traditions”. Thus, the clean spirit, the nobility, the love for traditions without renouncing the entrepreneurial character of the people of Calanda, are collected and represented by this wine of the original Gewürztraminer variety of the Traminer-Alsace Region. New variety in this region that marks a style of white wine with many nuances in the mouth and nose. A risky bet that has come to stay and end up being the Great White of Amprius Lagar. This is being recognized in international competitions. An example of this is the Bacchus Silver Medal 2016 that he recently received.

The commitment to the territory is a value strongly rooted in the Group Térvalis, and through this collaboration, Amprius Lagar, who shares the same value, bets with these wines for the culture of their land. Specifically, the winery is located in Matarraña’s Region (Teruel, Aragon, Spain) in the plantation known as Mas d’en Roch and Mas d’en Jerra, in the terms of Calaceite and Arens de Lledó.

MarketingKolenda and Nazarín, the Lagar d’Amprius wines that pay tribute to Luis Buñuel and Calanda