Prowein 2018 ok

A success in Prowein 2018

For the fourth consecutive year, Amprius Lagar was present at Prowein, one of the most important wine fairs in the world. The event culminated with a good taste in the mouth for the winery, whose export team had the opportunity to show its international vintages, such as the Lagar d’Amprius Chardonnay, the Lagar d’Amprius Garnacha, the Lagar d ‘Amprius Gewürztraminer, Lagar d’Amprius Syrah + Garnacha and Lagar d’Amprius Vendimia Selección.

This meeting is characterized by its professional nature. The export team of Amprius Lagar describes this edition as positive. “It’s a very interesting fair because everyone is there: the best customers and the best importers, big and small,” says Miguel Peña, Commercial and Marketing Director of Lagar d’Amprius.

50% of the visitors who came to the stand were regular customers and were happy to try the new vintages, something that strengthens the confidence and reactivates the already established customers. The other 50% was represented by potential customers who, in general, expressed great acceptance when they learned about the winery’s wines. “Our wine is very European. Its character straddles the Mediterranean and the French Rhone, making it very popular with clients from central and northern Europe, “says Peña. In total, customers and potential customers from all over Europe and part of North America from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and even from Canada visited the stand during the three days.

Another remarkable aspect of this edition, recalls the commercial director of Amprius Lagar, were the medals and high scores obtained in recent months and that managed to capture the attention of the public. Also, the new cinematic and cultural themed wines, Nazarín and Kolenda, “Los Vinos de Buñuel”, have surprised potential customers and loyalized them to those already existing. The modern and original design of the latter achieve an effective visual effect and reinforce the positive image of the winery characterized by its dynamic, active, innovative character and its commitment to the territory to which it belongs.

Prowein is a trade fair for wine and other alcoholic beverages. Of annual periodicity, from its first edition in 1994, is directed exclusively to a professional public. The representation of wines from practically all regions of the world, as well as the quota of foreign visitors from different countries, give the fair a clearly international character and quality. becoming like that

In this edition, the fair counted with some 6,870 exhibitors from all over the world from 64 countries and received some 60,000 visitors, which has allowed it to break its own record and position itself one more year in one of the most important specialized wine and spirits fairs and significant from Europe and the world.

MarketingA success in Prowein 2018